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Assoc. Prof. PD MD, MBA

Christian Enzinger

Medical University of Graz
Department of Neurology
Department of Radiology - Division of Neuroradiology, Vascular and Interventional Neuroradiology

Auenbruggerplatz 22
8036 Graz

Tel: 0043 316 385 82180

ORCiD: 0000-0001-9764-7617


Christian Enzinger obtained his medical degree at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz (Austria) in 1998 and became a Board Certified Neurologist in 2006. He received specific training in neuroimaging as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB) at the University of Oxford.

He is Associate Professor of Neurology, Deputy Head of the Department of General Neurology at the University Clinic of Graz, Director of the Research Unit for Neuronal Repair and Plasticity at the Medical University of Graz and working in the MS Unit at the Department of Neurology.

He is co-chair of the MAGNIMS group (Magnetic Resonance in Multiple Sclerosis), Member of the Scientific Committee and Elected Member of the Assembly of Delegates of the European Academy of Neurology, and past president of the Austrian Society for Functional MRI. He is also organizing the national MS academy and has contributed to teaching on the field of MS at various international conferences.

He is actively involved in research on MS, ageing and cerebrovascular disease at both the national and international level, having published more than 190 papers in peer-reviewed journals. His specific research focus lies on the use of MRI in elucidating the heterogeneity of and studying mechanisms of repair and functional plasticity in MS, ageing, and cerebrovascular disease.


Academic and clinical career


1991 University entrance diploma (Matura) summa cum laude
1991-1998 Studies of Medicine at Karl–Franzens-University Graz and Munich (summa cum laude)
1999 Military service
2001 – 2007  Training as a specialist registrar for Neurology at Graz (heads of department: Prof. HP Hartung, Prof. E Ott)
2004 – 2005 Clinical Research Fellowship at Oxford (FMRIB: Prof. PM Matthews & Clinical Neurology: Prof. G. Ebers)
2006 Postdoctoral lecture qualification for Neurologie (Habilitation)
Since 2006 Director of Research Unit „Neuronal Plasticity & Repair
01.05.2010 Promotion to Associate Professor
Since 2013 Deputy Head Dept of General Neurology University Clinic Graz
2013-2016 MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management











Expert knowledge and scientific expertise


Clinics, diagnostic, and treatment of multiple sclerosis

Clinics, diagnostic, treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular diseases


Emergency Neurology



Selected Awards


2009                Researcher of the Year, Medical University of Graz

2008                Research Award County of Styria for "Functional MRI Correlates of Lower Limb Function in Stroke Victims with Gait Impairment" (Stroke 2008)

2007                "Young Investigator Award" European Stroke Conference (ESC), Glasgow

2005                Award Sanofi-Aventis “Accelerated evolution of brain atrophy and "black holes" in MS patients with APOE-epsilon 4. (Ann Neurol. 2004)

2004                Award for oral presentation, European Neurological Society (ENS)


Selected Research Community Activities


2017-               Chair Styrian Brain Research Initiative (“INGE St.”)

2016-               Co-Chair MAGNIMS (with Prof. A. Rovira)

2016-               President Austrian Society of Functional MRI (OEGFMRT)

2014-               Elected Member of the Assembly of Delegates of the EAN

2015-               Secretary Elect, Organisation of Human Brain Mapping - Alpine Chapter

2014-               Member of EAN Scientific Committee (Chair: Prof. A. Federico)

2014-2016     Co-Chair (with Prof. M. Filippi) EAN Neuroimaging Committee

2014-               Steering Committee Member IMSCOGS (Chair: Prof. R. Benedict)

2014-               Elected Member of the Assembly of Delegates of the EAN

2014 -              Member of the Scientific Panels MS, Neuroimaging & Stroke of the EAN

2014-               Deputy Referee for Neurosciences Austrian Science Fund

2008-               Steering Committee Member Austrian Stroke Society (ÖGSF)


Selected Activities as Referee & Reviewer


Referee for Neurosciences Austrian Science Fund FWF (since 2014), Referee and Reviewer for the ARSEP (France), The Stroke Association (UK), Swiss Science Fund, European Stroke Organisation, Netherlands Organisation for Health and Research Development, The Henry Smith Charity (UK), Italian MS Society, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam - PhD Opponent


Reviewer for the Annals of Neurology, Lancet Neurology, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Nature Clinical Practice Neurology, Neurology, Neurobiology of Aging, Stroke, BRAIN, Multiple Sclerosis Journal, NeuroImage, Human Brain Mapping, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry; Journal of Neurology, and others.