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Department of Neurology
Neuroimaging Research Unit
Medical University of Graz
Auenbruggerplatz 22, Room A-039
8036 Graz, Austria


email: bernhard.neumayer(at)medunigraz.at





2020 - present Postdoctoral Researcher
  Medical University of Graz, Austria
2012 - 2019 Research Assistant / Postdoctoral Researcher
  Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging, Graz, Austria
2008 - 2012 Research Assistant
  Graz University of Technology, Austria

Research Interests

Image Analysis
Machine Learning

Selected Publications

Neumayer, B., Lesch, A., Thaler, F., Widek, T., Tschauner, S., De Tobel, J., Ehammer, T., Kirnbauer, B., Boldt, J., van Wijk, M., Stollberger, R., Urschler, M., "The four-minute approach revisited: accelerating MRI-based multi-factorial age estimation". In: International Journal of Legal Medicine (Dec. 2019).
Neumayer, B., Schloegl, M., Payer, C., Widek, T., Tschauner, S., Ehammer, T., Stollberger, R., Urschler, M., "Reducing acquisition time for MRI-based forensic age estimation". In: Scientific Reports 8.1 (Feb. 2018), p. 2063.
Neumayer, B., Widek, T., Stollberger, R., Scheurer, E., "Reproducibility of Relaxometry of Human Lumbar Vertebrae at 3 Tesla Using 1H MR Spectroscopy". In: Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Dec. 2017).
Martinez Vera, N. P., Höller, J., Widek, T., Neumayer, B., Ehammer, T., Urschler, M., "Forensic age estimation by morphometric analysis of the manubrium from 3D MR images". In: Forensic Science International 277 (Aug. 2017), pp. 2129.
Baron, K., Neumayer, B., Amerstorfer, E., Scheurer, E., Diwoky, C., Stollberger, R., Sprenger, H., Weinberg, A. M., "Time-Dependent Changes in T1 during Fracture Healing in Juvenile Rats: A Quantitative MR Approach". In: PLOS ONE 11.11 (Nov. 2016), e0164284.
Webb, B., Widek, T., Neumayer, B., Bruguier, C., Scheicher, S., Sprenger, H., Grabherr, S., Schwark, T., Stollberger, R., "Temperature dependence of viscosity, relaxation times (T1, T2) and simulated contrast for potential perfusates in post-mortem MR angiography (PMMRA)". In: International Journal of Legal Medicine (Nov. 2016).
Baron, K., Neumayer, B., Widek, T., Schick, F., Scheicher, S., Hassler, E., Scheurer, E., "Quantitative MR Imaging in Fracture Dating - Initial Results". In: Forensic Science International 261.Supplement C (Apr. 2016), pp. 61-69.
Diwoky, C., Liebmann, D., Neumayer, B., Reinisch, A., Knoll, F., Strunk, D., Stollberger, R., "Positive contrast of SPIO-labeled cells by off-resonant reconstruction of 3D radial half-echo bSSFP". In: NMR in Biomedicine 28.1 (Jan. 2015), pp. 79-88.
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Neumayer, B., Hassler, E., Petrovic, A., Widek, T., Ogris, K., Scheurer, E., "Age determination of soft tissue hematomas". In: NMR Biomed. 27.11 (Sept. 2014), pp. 1397-1402.