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About us

Located in the Department of Neurology, the neuroimaging research unit brings together a group of scientists, committed to the advancement of knowledge and development of MRI. Owing to the fact that successful MRI research needs the incorporation of multiple disciplines, our members have a background in mathematics, physics or biomedical engineering.

Mission statement

Our mission is to develop and implement new MRI techniques for characterizing and modeling brain tissue. With the application of these techniques in a clinical setting we want to improve our understanding of various inflammatory and neurodegenerative brain diseases including multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease (PD), and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We also provide state-of-the-art MRI methodologies and expertise for in vivo and postmortem MRI studies to other research groups.


Stefan's and Lukas' research work is featured in Lancet Neurology and Nature Communications

Congratulation to Christian Langkammer for his habilitation and receiving the "venia docendi".

Our research project "Fast QSM" received the HTI:Human-Technology-Interface Award.

Recently "derStandard" published an article about our ongoing research project about QSM:  derStandard - "Grazer MRT-Entwicklung untersucht Gehirn in Rekordzeit".

Congratulation to Christoph for completing his PhD in biomedical engineering!

Christoph's paper about "Effects of formalin fixation and temperature on MR relaxation times in the human brain" has been accepted for publication in NMR in Biomedicine.

Congratulation to Christian for his appointment as Assistant Professor!

We are happy to announce to host the 4th International Workshop on MRI Phase Contrast & Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in Graz.

Christian's paper about "Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping using 3D EPI and Total Generalized Variation" is now available in NeuroImage.

Recently "derStandard" published an article about our ongoing research project about brain iron:  derStandard - Mentales Rosten.

The magazine "UNIZEIT" featured our research project in cooperation with the Institute of Physics:  UNIZEIT - Rost im Kopf ("the rusting brain").


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