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8:00   8:00 Welcome & Intro 8:00

Clinical Focus Session:

Application of QSM in
Multiple Sclerosis

8:00 Advanced Techniques and Evolving Applications
9:00   9:00

Magnetic Susceptibility
in MRI

9:00 9:00
10:00   10:00 10:00 10:00
      Understanding Magnetic Susceptibility Contrast    
11:00   11:00 11:00 11:00 Mapping of Electromagnetic Tissue Properties
12:00   12:00 Lunch 12:00 Lunch 12:00
1:00   1:00 Acquisition and Analysis 1:00 Other Applications of QSM 1:00 Lunch
2:00   2:00 2:00 2:00 End of Conference
        Parallel mini-workshops
Workshop results
3:00   3:00 Poster Session 3:00 3:00  
4:00   4:00 4:00 QSM Reconstruction challenge 4:00  
5:00   5:00 End of Day 5:00 End of Day 5:00  
6:00   6:00   6:00   6:00  
7:00 Welcome 7:00 Dinner 7:00 Banquet 7:00  
  Reception       and    
8:00   8:00   8:00 Awards 8:00  


Day 1: Monday Sep 26th, morning session

Magnetic Susceptibility in MRI

Chair: Richard Bowtell, PhD

07:15 AM Registration
08:15 AM Stefan Ropele, PhD (Conference Chair)
  Welcome and Introduction
08:30 AM Sagar Buch, PhD
  “Susceptibility weighted MRI”
09:00 AM  Jürgen Reichenbach, PhD
   “Overview of QSM”
09:30 AM Chunlei Liu, PhD
  “Susceptibility tensor imaging”
10:00 AM Q & A
10:10 AM  Coffee/Tea Break (30 min)

Understanding Magnetic Susceptibility Contrast

Chair: Jürgen Reichenbach, PhD

10:40 AM Richard Bowtell, PhD
  “Tissues composition and susceptibility”
11:10 AM Jeff Duyn, PhD
  „Effects of tissue microstructure”
11:40 PM Alexander Sukstanskii, PhD
  “Generalized Lorentzian Tensor Approach”
12:10 AM Q & A
12:20 AM Lunch (60 min)

Day 1: Monday Sep 26th, afternoon session

Acquisition and Analysis

Chairs: Karin Shmueli, PhD and Chunlei Liu, PhD

01:20 PM Simon Robinson, PhD
  “Processing phase data from coil arrays”
01:40 PM Ferdinand Schweser, PhD
  “Phase processing for QSM”
02:00 PM Ludovic de Rochefort, PhD
  “Inversion algorithms”
02:20 PM  Kristian Bredies, PhD
  “Total generalized variation”
02:40 PM Berkin Bilgic, PhD
  “Accelerated QSM”

Poster session

03:00 PM Coffee/Tea Break (30 min)
03:30 PM Poster viewing in the atrium
05:30 PM End of Day 1 


07:00 PM Dinner (Glöckl Bräu, Glockenspielplatz 2-3, 8010 Graz)


Day 2: Tuesday Sep 27th, morning session

Application of QSM in MS

Chairs: Franz Fazekas, MD and Yi Wang, PhD

08:00 AM Simon Hametner, MD
  “Iron in controls and MS brains: The pathologists’ view”
08:20 AM Michael Khalil, MD
  “Iron metabolism and determinants of iron accumulation in MS”
08:40 AM Alan Wilman, PhD
  “Validation of iron mapping in MS”
09:00 AM  Alexander Rauscher, PhD
  “Tissue susceptibility in MS”
09:20 AM Q & A
09:50 AM Coffee/Tea Break (20 min)
10:10 AM Susan Gauthier, MD
  “Lesion development and corresponding QSM changes in MS”
10:30 AM Alex Rovira, MD
  “Rings and central veins: Specific SWI markers for MS?”
10:50 AM Jens Würfel, MD
  “Lesion characterization at ultra-high field strength”
11:10 AM Robert Zivadinov, MD
  “QSM in clinical MS trials”
11:30 AM Q & A
12:00 AM Lunch (60min)

Day 2: Tuesday Sep 27th, afternoon session

Other Applications of QSM

Chairs: Stefan Ropele, PhD and Alan Wilman, PhD

01:00 PM Yi Wang, PhD
  “QSM – biometal MRI“
01:20 PM Yukunori Korogi, MD
  „QSM in Parkinson’s Disease”
01:40 PM Christian Langkammer, PhD
  “Validation of QSM”
02:00 PM Andreas Deistung, PhD
  “Towards in vivo histology of the brain”
02:20 PM David Balla, PhD
  “Functional QSM”
02:40 PM Karin Shmueli, PhD
  “Practical Considerations for QSM Acquisition and Processing”
03:00 PM Coffee/Tea Break (20 min)
03:20 PM Mini parallel workshops/discussion rounds (4 topics)

(i) The best reference/standardization for QSM (Room A1)

Chair: Ferdinand Schweser, PhD


(ii) The biggest unresolved needs (Room A2)

Chair: Jeff Duyn, PhD


(iii) The optimal pulse sequence for QSM (Room C1)

Chair: Peter van Zijl, PhD


(iv) Clinical impact of susceptibility: SWI vs. QSM (Room C2)

Chair: Robert Zivadinov, MD

03:50 PM Presentation and discussion on workshop results
04:20 PM

QSM reconstruction challenge: Results and discussion

Chairs: C. Langkammer, PhD / B. Bilgic, PhD / F. Schweser, PhD

05:00 PM End of Day 2
07:00 PM Banquet (Hotel Das Weitzer, Grieskai 12-16, 8020 Graz)


Day 3: Wednesday Sep 28th, morning session

Advanced Techniques and Evolving Applications

Chairs: Alexander Rauscher, PhD and Berkin Bilgic, PhD

08:00 AM Jongho Lee, PhD
  “Myelin water imaging”
08:20 AM Zhe Liu, PhD
  “QSM – applications outside of the brain”
08:40 AM Pinar Özbay, PhD
  “Correction of field fluctuations for QSM at 7T”
09:00 AM Audrey Fan, PhD
  “Assessing oxygenation in the brain”
09:20 AM Mikko Nissi, PhD
  “Assessment of cartilage with SWI and QSM”
09:40 AM Matthew Cronin, PhD
  “TE-dependent QSM measurements – intrinsic behaviour or processing errors?”
10:00 AM Heinz Krenn, PhD
  “SQUID-based technologies for biomagnetic studies”
10:20 AM Coffee/Tea Break (30 min)

Mapping of Electromagnetic Tissue Properties

Chairs: Peter van Zijl, PhD and Jongho Lee, PhD

10:50 AM Cornelis van den Berg, PhD
  "Electromagnetic properties:  Already a reliable quantitative biomarker?"
11:10 AM Yicun Wang and Bin He, PhD
  “Multi-channel gradient based electrical properties tomography”
11:30 AM Dong-Hyun Kim, PhD
  “Simultaneous imaging of conductivity and susceptibility”
11:50 AM Jose Marques, PhD
  “Electrical properties from coil sensitivities”
12:10 AM Seung-Kyun Lee, PhD
  “Theoretical SNR of Laplacian-based MREPT ”
12:30 AM Q & A
12:40 AM Summary
1:00 PM Lunch
2:00 PM End of Conference